Company Profile

3D Project Studio is number one source for digital services you are looking for; whether it is a Live Broadcasting, Media Production, Graphic Designing or even Event Organizing. Founded in 1996, 3D Project Studio had come a long way from its beginning. It is the place where creative inspiration meets technological innovation.
Our main focus is Quality, Uniqueness and most importantly Creativity.

Vision and Mission for success

We have structured ourselves as a small company with a body of owners and employees who are expertly skilled within the production field and are solely focused not only on the security and development of the company but on bettering the standard of production, both on national and international level.
We aim to furnish the film, television, advertising, corporate video and animation markets with high quality production in keeping up with international trends with a view of broadening into the broadcasting markets. In the field of production 3D Project Studio possesses a full HD Outside Broadcasting van (OB -van) - 3D is uniquely well-positioned for production and has experience in live broadcasts of various events, which in addition to political and social live magazines for broad audience, including major sports, music and cultural events. Also, it has produced a large number of projects, organized many events (Congress, openings, jubilees, promotions and other celebrations) and collaborated with all major TV channels in the country.


3D Project Studio offers you:
• Technical support services
• full corporate production services. This includes concept development, production and post production services.
• Script-to-Screen solution
• 3D, 2D & Motion Graphics Editing
• Green Screen Capabilities
• Concept, Scripting & Creative Assistance
• Full HD Camera Packages
• Full Audio Recording Capabilities
• Custom Video Productions for Marketing