For the production of live TV shows, our OBVan is able to produce the complete TV program on television without interruption for live production. Equipped with the latest generation of EMS Easy Playout software that has the ability to real-time conversion and playback of various types of files (SD, SD 4: 3, HD, HDTV, 2K, 4K). Multi-layer graphics station, which has the ability to work with various graphics preparations and display the most animated logo types. Digital audio mixer with 24 channels gives you work flexibility and the ability to produce the most complex show live shows. Besides the standard SDI outputs, OBVan has the ability to generate a modern IP stream in H.264, MPEG2 multicast or directcast. This feature provides additional support and there is no need for additional IP Coders.


Project:  EU KARAVAN produced for European Office in Skopje


EU 1 EU 2 EU 3




Project:  FEFERONCE SHOW produced for ST Produkcija - Skopje


Fef 1 Fef 3 Fef 2




Project:  TOP TEMA produced for TELMA Television - Skopje


TOP Tema 2 TOP Tema 1 TOP Tema 3



Project:  MOJ DOKTOR produced for MRTV National Television



dr 1 dr 3 dr 2




Project:  CASTING TALENT SHOW produced for MOB & KANAL 5 Television






Project:  MAKFEST 2012 produced for MRTV Television