Among the first projects that started to produce 3D Project Studio, were the music video. Today there is almost no Macedonian band or artist for which he didn't make a  music video. Beginning in the distant 1996 when the first music video for the techno group M & M was made, to date, there are a total of over 50 music videos. Working with various directors and screenwriters from Macedonia and abroad, music video clips are made in a variety of techniques. Various technologies are used in their production, such as, 2D and 3D animation, chrome and virtual backgrounds, recording in one shoot as well as many other technologies.


 Miyatta - "DOMAKJINSKA"  - recorded in 2018 with ESRA University



 Brejk - "BOLISH"  - recorded in 2014



Igor Mitrovic - "SEGA I TUKA"  - recorded in 2014



Petar Rendzov - "NOKJNA PTICA"  - recorded in 2017



Area - "FREKVENCIJA NA LJUBOVTA"  - recorded in 2009



Daniel Dann - "STVOREN DA TE SAKAM"  - recorded in 2011 with Gorila Production



Kristina Arnaudova - "TVOJA DO KRAJ"  - recorded in 2010



Dani Dimitrovksa - "CRNO NA BELO"  - recorded in 2010 with Gorila Production



Dimitar Andonovski - "OVA NEBVO ZNAE SE"  - recorded in 2011 with Gorila Production



Nade Talevska - "ZIVEAM"  - recorded in 2015



Maja Vukicevic - "NE SAKAM DRUG"  - recorded in 2014



Filip Bozinovski - "EDNA VO MILION"  - recorded in 2014